How To Develop The MVP

There are 2 central methods for developing an MVP. The classic Waterfall methodology and the relatively new Agile / Scrum methodology.

Waterfall is a product development model that was developed during the 70s, at a time when development was very expensive, and changes in software had extensive financial consequences. This model attempts to facilitate a fixed frame in which a team starts by gathering the product’s requirement, then plans the architecture, then dive into the details of the design. Once planning is done, development starts, followed by integrations and testing. A product which completed the testing phase can be delivered to the client.

The agile methodologies are a set of product development techniques which assume that the building process of software needs to be dynamic, because the world in which the software needs to evolve is itself dynamic. That said, there are no limits to the order in which features are developed, and different features can be developed in parallel. According to this paradigm, it is hard to know what the final product will be, thus better start gradually, learn from one’s mistakes and enhance the product on an ongoing basis. In other words, Development is synonym to the product’s evolution and is an inherent and integral part of it.