We’re Done Developing The MVP – What’s Next?

Completing the MVP marks the beginning of the product’s evaluation by its customers. This group usually consists of a small number of participants, up to a few dozens, with whom we should conduct close conversations in order to get quality feedback.

In addition there are websites that offer to do this for you, functioning as a business arena for developers and testers, usually paid. Examples for such websites – https://www.usertesting.com and http://www.feedbackarmy.com.

Even if you have dozens of users or more, it’s recommended to pick a small number of users, whose opinion matters to you (and to your investors…) as ones with deep understanding of the world of that specific product. With these users a close process is performed, and their comments and demands matter the most.

The process with the users should be structured to allow for clear conclusions. Questionnaires or other types of organized forms can be used to validate that the user indeed tested all the interesting aspects of the product. They can also be used to make sure one user’s answer matches the answers of other users. In addition, it is recommended to use tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Elastic Search, etc.) to get quantity measures on users behavior.

Finally, while planning the MVP you set KPIs, this is the time to test them… sticking to your goals should allow you to raise the money you need, not sticking to them should lead you to rethink the product.